Welcome To York Group

York Group has mainly three subsidiaries including York Immigration, York HR Service and York Education. We offer one-step services for clients from designing and applying for better education, coaching and hunting jobs for clients after graduation and assisting in the Canadian immigration process.

York Immigration is the first and only organization in Canada, offering immigration consulting service by combining a group of associated immigration consultants. All our professional consultants are members of ICCRC, LSUC or CAPIC, with years of experience practicing wide range of immigration categories.

York HR Service is a professional HR Service provider, aiming to help overseas students, newly graduates, foreign workers and immigrants to settle down in Canada. With years of practice and huge job pool, York HR Service has been able to excel in the industry. Leading by senior HR manager, every members of HR team has years of experience in designing job search strategies, interview coaching and relationship management.

York Education is a Canadian based international education service provider, an updated brand name from Greenfield Education. Over the past years, York Education has transformed itself from a Canadian-based education agency to a worldly institution with partnerships all over the world including almost all the high schools, colleges and universities in Canada, University of West Alabama, Forest Trail Academy, Waldorf University, Colorado State University and so on.

Why Us?

It is important that our working partnership with you has a solid foundation. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery are part of our service, so that you will always know exactly where you stand, as well as the conditions that govern our working together. We believe in clear agreements with no grey areas, and that is why we never promise what we can't deliver.


We have a reputation for providing an exceptional service. We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex problems. Our clients recognise and value this.


Yes, we're as much about the highly creative types. But we're even more about Results. And not just pegging the feel-good meter results, but measurable results that stand the test of time.